Fabricating a guitar neck is the most time consuming part of the building process. Roughnecks are custom necks for the luthier that doesn't want to manufacture his own neck. Roughnecks areavailable in three stages. All necks are laminated with opposing grain direction to ensure stability. Necks have a 13 degree angled paddle headstock with a voloute. The profile is a comfortable "C" shape. All Roughnecks have NO SCARF JOINT, and are offered with, or without a 3 degree angle to the heel. Many woods, bindings, & inlay options are available. The standard nut width is 1 3/4". The standard fretboard radius is 12". Many radii are available. Available necks are pre-priced. Necks to order are by email quote only.

Indian Rosewood

Macassar Ebony

Rock Maple



Goncalo Alves*

Birdseye Maple*


* When in stock, upcharge may apply

STAGE 1 - from $75.00 - Straight off the CNC. This stage is the neck wood only. The trussrod channel has been routed. A trussrod is supplied, but not installed. No fretboard is supplied.

STAGE 2 - from $150.00 - Trussrod is installed, and the fretboard is glued on and inlays are installed. The board is then radiused & polished.

STAGE 3 - from $225.00 - A fully fretted neck with fret ends beveled. Standard dot inlays are installed. Fret leveling and dressing are still required.

Binding options: Many types of binding are available. Off-white, and black plastic are the most common. Also available are many types of exotic wood binding. The normal upcharge for binding starts at $75.00.

Rock Maple

Sapele Mahogany


Flame Maple*


Genuine Mahogany*


American Cherry*


Goncalo Alves*

* When in stock, upcharge may apply

Custom Inlay options: Custom inlay can make a huge difference in the overall look of any guitar. Many, many options are available. Mother of pearl block inlays are available for an additional $100.00. This includes a name in the 12th fret if desired. We can even do customized pearlessence dots like the ones used on the U-235 NUKE build. Some clients even design their own dots that incorporate their logo. If you can dream it up... we can do it. For more info & examples see the Custom inlay page.

Inlay Options

Neck Stage options

Standard options: Stage 2 & Stage 3 necks come standard with mother of pearl dots. We stock: white, gold, & black mother of pearl as well as abalone dots.

For an additional $35.00, the purchaser can get a 12th fret MOP name block (some restrictions apply). In some cases, we can do a signature in the block. This is a great way to customize any guitar build.

Neck Woods

Fingerboard Woods

* Please note that all roughnecks require finish sanding, and may have minor mill marks. *

* Due to some export restrictions, I currently can not ship outside the US. *

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***We are currently not***

taking on custom orders